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2018 District Award Winners

The poster contest, sponsored by the Catoosa CountyConservation District and promoted by Catoosa County 4-H, is a valuable tool for promoting environmental education.  The 5th and 6th graders of Catoosa County are presented with the rules of the contest and the theme for the year. Afterwards, the children research the topic (theme) and create a poster that encompasses what they have learned about that theme. The children have learned about soil, watersheds, helpful insects, and pollinators to name a few of the themes. The posters are collected by Catoosa County 4-H and judged by the board members of the Catoosa County Conservation District. The top 13 winners in the county, as well as the teacher of the year for the contest, are recognized at a banquet hosted by the Conservation District at the end of the school year with first through third places receiving prize money and the top ten honorable mentions receiving t-shirts.

Catoosa County 

Conservation District

2018 County Poster Winner. She received a plaque and cash award. Her poster has been submitted to the state level for further consideration.