The Catoosa County Conservation District was organized as the Catoosa County Soil and Water Conservation District on October 3, 1951, and comprises that area lying within Catoosa County. Five volunteers, or district supervisors, serve on the board. Three of these supervisors are elected by county voters for four-year terms; the other two supervisors are appointed by the Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission for two-year terms

​The founding members of the Board of Supervisors in Catoosa County were: J. C. Edwards, J. S. Christian, Harlan A. Swanson, J.O. Ware and Roger O. Bowman, Sr.

In his book “The Changed Look of the Countryside”, published in 1974, author Leon Sisk points out that two of the original supervisors in Catoosa County, Roger Bowman, Sr. and Clarence Edwards were still serving. Mr. Bowman continued to serve until 2001.



Others who have served, and some who continue to serve today include:

James A. O’Neal, Sr.

Dean Lebron O’ Donald

Harry E. Watts

*Bobby Plemmons

Thomas Stockburger

Mike Callaway

Marshall Taylor

*Roger O. Bowman, Jr.

*Keith Bonnell

*James Lyles

*Betts Berry

*Current Board Members

Catoosa County 

Conservation District